Mistakes that You Need to Avoid While Smoking Hookah


We all learn from each other when it comes to smoking hookah. This is natural because of the social context of this cultural tradition. Smokers have different preferences or advice on how to design their hookah, and in most cases, there is no single best practice, but there are some common mistakes. The good thing is that you can avoid these mistakes. This blog is here to tell you what these mistakes are. In the future, this will help you to save a lot of money and headaches.


Mistake #1: Thinking, ice on foundation gives you an easier session


It is a common misconception that ice makes the session easier because the water is very cold. It may sound more "soft", but what is actually happening is that the ice is potentially masking the taste of the burning/burnt. It also removes a lot of the good taste from the session. Heavy use of ice is more of a crutch than anything else, and a well-packaged bowl with proper thermal management will provide a savory, soft, cloudy session.


Mistake #2: Start with Dark Leaf Tobacco


Dark leaf tobacco is commonly known for its high nicotine content. If you're new to hookah, it's best to start with low-nicotine, golden-leaf tobacco. Sure, some people have a higher tolerance, but a fair warning: Dark leaves from experience can kick your butt on the first try. Hookahs are meant to be enjoyable and comfortable, so it's a good idea to get used to smoking slowly and get used to the dark-colored tobacco over time. 


Mistake #3: Unsafely Preheating Lotus


People have been heating up since the release of the kaloud Lotus device. This is a very easy way to spoil the kaloud lotus or light a 'tobacco in a bowl! If you leave it on the heating element (burner) for too long, it can melt, so money is wasted! You want to smoke as soon as you finish packing your bowl, but you know that the good things in life are worth the wait. If you are heating it before then heat the lotus a little.


Mistake #4: Taking the Pipe Off the Stem


Always take the pipe up to the base. Taking the pipe off the stem may seem more convenient, but it's actually an easier way to break the floor. Water is heavier than you might think, and on most pipes, the only way to connect the pipe to the floor is with a rubber grommet. The last thing you want is a bowl full of coals ready to go. And there is no foundation!


Mistake #5: Assuming One Big Hookah = One Big Cloud


A big pipe doesn't mean you'll get a big cloud. Unless we want to sound like a broken record, how the bowls are packed and how they manage the heat will give you a big fluffy cloud. It does not affect the size of the pipe. You get the same cloud output in a smaller pipe.


Mistake #6: Using improperly ignited coal


Half-burnt coal is absolutely prohibited when it comes to hookah smoking. One reason is that half-burnt coal doesn't generate enough heat to start the bowl and tastes terrible when smoked. Worse, if the coal is not fully ignited, the smoke is more likely to inhale unnecessary CO2. So make sure the coal is fully operational! When it turns red, you know it's done. 


Mistake #7: Higher Price = Better Quality


The price you pay does not always reflect the quality of the product you receive! Expensive doesn't necessarily mean you're buying a car, and pipes and accessories are no different in this regard. Do your research and make sure your products are made with quality in mind. You should buy a product that will last for a long time. Otherwise, in a few months, you'll have a lot of products that you don't enjoy or can't use.


We hope we can tell you about some of the hookah mistakes made during the hookah journey! It doesn't matter if you do it as a beginner or an experienced smoker. There is a common misconception for a reason! Be sure to check out our other blogs for hookah tips and tricks that will boost your knowledge and become the best hookah fanatic you can be. Until next time, smoke!


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